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VA - Double Helix

doublehelixDoof records is coming out with another killer compilation to seal the memories of the passing summer, bringing you the greatest hits which blow clouds of dust of stumping feet, on dance floors around the globe. Old known Doofers like: Entropy, Double REL, Cactus, Rev, Zirkin and Orca bringing each his unique sound together with surprising new talents that will rock our scene in the next winter. Doof has always pushed the borders by releasing sounds that were off the beaten track. Sounds that were Highly energetic, acid dripping, interesting and complex. Take cover while their intense basslines press hard and pick up with a blend of full power psychedelic trance and techno. Secure your speakers and get ready for take off.

Double R.E.L. - "U Name iT"

unameit"U name it" is the remarkable second album from the talented couple Double R.E.L- Ariel Ram (29) and Ariel Sela (25) from Israel. The couple is back again! The R.E.Ls have been producing cutting edge Psytrance for several years, Their unique talent which flavors every track with a twist of creativity and their supreme sound made them the flagship of the psycadelic label and very busy performances in many dance floors around the glob. "U Name It", the couples long awaited and expected album, followed by their debut album "CeREaL Killerz" (Doof Records 2006), presents the latest developments in the Doubles Sounds, techniques and influences: a creation that will make you bounce around on a new Psycadelic journey. Good things always come in Double!

NITRO- Rainforest Culture (Dooflex)

rainforestDooflex invites you to join Nitro expedition in the magnificent, the enchanting Rainforest culture. Nitro is the solo project of Gil Dagan, 26 years of age, residing in Israel. Nitro has begun producing electronic based dance floor music in 2003, his sounds can be best described as a groovy & pumping mixture of Funky progressive elements, with a hard edged blasting Psychedelic full-on beats. Rainforest Culture is Nitros long awaited fully featured studio album, and includes one innovative track after the other. Rainforest Culture includes a mix between Hard Progressive elements and thick, soothing and pumping Full-on motives. Powerful rhythms, which goes well with the unique Dooflex style, Organic, Emotional and banging. Nitro released several tracks on Enemies and Allies (Doof Rec. 2006) and Soul Anatomy (Doof Rec 2007). Nitro is also working on a side project, along with I-Drop, named NitroDrop.

U-RECKEN - Deeper into man...(Dooflex)

deeperintomanU-Recken (1978) a.k.a. Yaniv ben ari, is coming back to us with his second album: Deeper into man... Keeping his own unique musical style, yaniv takes us on a journey into the depths of mankind... its beauty, hopes, dreams, and yet imperfection and self destruction nature. This album is a wake up call for us all, to open our eyes, and fight against all those wrongs... deeper into man, is a gateway to a near future, where only the true heart will survive. U-Recken was recognized as an extremely talented artist by Dooflex in 2003, The exceptional success of his debut album "Aquatic Serenade" established his status as a worldwide leading musician and elevated the audience expectation toward those new tracks.

ORCA - Fist Of Fury

fistoffuryDoof records is introducing the latest member of the family: ORCA Orca is Alon Lifer, the new talent that is going to burst into the trance world leaving no prisoners behind. This album will lure you into the new none compromising; non politically correct world of orca. Orcas masterpiece is a cutting edge combination between psy and dark trance with a special scent of sense of humour that spills out of his tracks. This album is going to pull you away from the fire place and warm those cold winter days with its intense base lines and wacky sound structures. So pack up your shit and get ready to explode in to the trip that is, the fist of fury

VA - Left Speaker Dancer

leftspeakerdancerDOOF RECORDS is coming out with a new rough diamond, a project that has been conducted by our man in Australia ziv a.k.a katamind. Thus has collected a fresh, unique, and exciting variety of sounds. The new project LEFT SPEAKER DANCER combines hot Australian psy trance scene with the all known doof d.js whom continue to sample in an original back to the roots psychedelic way. the compilation contains Pondscums minimal dark psy, Hefty output- Salomon deadly tracks, Sygmatix-the progression of dark psy, Superfreak allstars, a collaboration which inflamed in a rain forest, Nexus crawler-powerful ausi sound, Entropy-say no more, r.e.v-the name of the track says it all, Psymmetrix- classic renewal. Join us on our 28th voyage into the beautiful colourful world of psychedelic music

TERRANOISE - Terrano Vibrations

terranovibrationsFunky, Psychedelic and Melodic is the way to describe this debut album by Terranoise, Terrano Vibrations coming up on Doof records. This music can fill the dance floor any time, day or night. The melodic touch and the psychedelic effects will take you, the listener, on a tripy journey through your mind into your soul. Influenced with the rising of the trance scene, Terranoise deliver a high quality production combine with energetic and sophisticated music that will not leave you standing. This new age trance is being played around the world and brings new vibes into the dance floor. Terrano Vibrations is a full power and uplifting album and is a MUST for any psytrance lover. Enjoy the ride!

ZIRKIN - Dance Show 3

danceshow3Get ready for the psychedelic full power summer release, Dance Show 3, by the well known Shahar Zirkin.After two successful albums and many years of producing, playing at major events and storming dance floors around the globe, Zirkin is ready to present his third album which will be released on Doof Records. This well produced master piece contains nine fresh and exiting unreleased tracks, which will conquer the dance floor with deep dark sounds and a powerful beat. Psychedelic Trance at its best, fresh and energetic bought for your feet and minds.Its a must in every home collection and a ticket to a tripy wonder world.

ENTROPY - Purple People

purplepeopleAfter two years of anticipation Doof Rec. is proud to present Entropys second album Purple People. In this album Entropy brings you the unique style they have developed during the years of hard work and playing their music around the world.This massive production is even more powerful then their debut album, dark and psychedelic which takes the listeners on a trip of color and sound and digs right into their minds.The Love for the music makes this album comes straight from the hart into your ears. It will sweep you off your feet and take you digging at the dance floor. This is the 22nd release on Doof records and a guarantee for a very psychedelic summer. DOOOOOF

VA - Scratch

scratchThe summer is almost gone leaving us with a taste for more. Doof Rec. has cooked something for you to remember the full power moments of this passing summer and get you ready for a dark and mysterious winter. SCRATCH was compiled by the well known Shahar Zirkin who has just released his 3rd album Dance Show 3 this summer. After coming back from the Boom where he was proud to present some of the finest Doof artists he gathered the Doof crew and created a mix of minds that will suck you into a journey that will surly leave a scratch Names like Entropy, Double REL, Cactus, Rev, Electrypnose and two new members of the crew Illegal machines and I-Drop create the Doof energy and give the listener a chance to be exposed to the Doof vibes. Doofs last release for 2006 is in a way a closure of this year and a glance into Doofs psychedelic future.

VA - Phunk Core

phunkcoreAfter a long and fruitful winter, Doof dj DICA has gathered up some of the best tracks, to prepare you for a hot summer! Old Doofers besides new, bringing each his own unique and special sounds, reflecting the new age of the renewing scene. With some dark and funny night music to shiver your souls and with many surprising new talents that will rock the dance floors this summer. Take cover while their intense baselines press hard and pick up with a blend of full power psychedelic trance and techno. A dream team of darkpsy producers, and a fascinating voyage for all psy lovers! Secure your speakers and get ready for take off.

ccL - Unleash The Beast

ccl_utbDeep, Dark, Funky - This is what the listener should expect from this debut album of ccL. This is the music of the psychedelic winter caverns, where the music is dripping with acid and will shake your ass. REV and Zebra-N, two Doof veterans from Amsterdam combine their distinct styles into a new blend of oldschool tech-Psy and high BPM Scandinavian night twisters. The ccL boys (ccL could care Less) have been on stage around the world for the last year, perfecting their sound and inducing smiles and sweat on the dancing tribe. This album is loaded with the sounds and beats of Doof music.

VA - Play Way

playwayAfter a long and fruitful summer, Doof DJ's Cobra and AMS have gathered up some of the best... ...tracks, to prepare you for a cozy winter! Old Doofers besides new, bringing each his own unique and special sounds, reflecting the new age of the renewing scene. With some dark and funny night music to shiver your souls and with many surprising new talents that will rock the dance floors this winter. Take cover while their intense baselines press hard and pick up with a blend of full power psychedelic trance and techno. A dream team of darkpsy producers, and a fascinating voyage for all psy lovers!Secure your speakers and get ready for take off.

VA - Enemies & Allies - (Dooflex)

enemiesU-Recken & Nitro have been playing their sonic music throughout the Israeli forests and deserts, in pursuit of the right ingredients for this chunky compilation. Their musical crop is the rare mushrooms and wild berries of Israeli trance, delivering the Dooflex sound of moonlight nights and misty dawns. U-Recken is Yaniv Ben-Ari (1978) born above the northern bay of Haifa and an experienced sound engineer. His music is hypnotic and complex with the characteristic gothic touch that made his tracks rock dance floors all over the world. Nitro is Gil Dagan (1982), a talented DJ that turned into music production after sharing an apartment with U-Recken in Tel-Aviv. Together they deliver one of the most interesting and uplifting back to back sets to be found in the Israeli party scene. Enemies and Allies gives a taste of this emerging style and combine the two minds into a powerful and thrilling musical pleasure!

DOUBLE R.E.L. - Cereal Killerz!

cerealkillerzFinally, after many releases and long waiting, this couple nocks us all down to the dance floor, with their mixture of psychedelics and other mind twisters. Double R.E.L. are Ariel Ram (Happyleptic) & Ariel Sela (The Farting Parrot). They met in a blind date through the Internet a few years ago, and have been causing major dancefloor damage ever since? The double have managed to define a new style of "dark psy" which is funny as much as it is pumping. Their unique sound and energy has made them one of the most popular acts in the Israeli underground scene.

VA - Mind Games

mindgamesHigh energy, dark basslines, swishing acid sounds and a psychedelic journey in every track. Once again, DOOF records present the opening note for the summer festival season. A storm of dust-raising sounds for the psychedelic dance floor. Old Doofers like Entropy, Double REL, Cactus, Rev & Zebra-N (in their new project ccL), together with surprising new talents that will rock our scene in the near future. Take cover while their intense basslines press hard and pick up with a blend of full power psychedelic trance and techno. Secure your speakers and get ready for take off.

BLANKA - Satisfaction (Dooflex)

satisfactionAfter almost 2 years of hard and intensive work, the final breakdown build up is massive: Blanka is finally out with his second album - "Satisfaction". This refreshing artist has grown and developed as a musician since his last release, while at the same time, also incorporating many new ideas and influences into his music. Blanka has managed to produce an album that, not only, stands out among the myriads of psytrance releases these days, but also one that is fun and enjoyable to listen to, from start to finish. It will make you want to play it on a big sound system - immediately. This is pure Satisfaction...

REV - Inverted

invertedFinally, the long awaited debut album by Rev. The first solo album for quite a veteran in this scene. Troy Leidich aka Rev has been the leading figure in the legendary Fungus of Light (FOL), which rocked the psychedelic dance floors throughout the 90s. In his solo project, Rev keeps the characteristic snarling tweaked acid-line, hurtling relentlessy through the cosmos, twisting and turning alongside a fast-paced bassline, somewhere in between funk and darker night trance. 9 New tracks that wander off into different turns and funked out grooves, that will conjure up images of a solar drenched sandy paradise, with the searing trademark of Rev, tearing up the trancefloor.

VA - Point of View (Dooflex)

povThe album "Point of View" has been compiled by Blanka, showing his point of view of what dance floor music should sound like, and by this giving us a glimpse and a deep breath on his second album. Point of View sits on the interface between progressive, full-on and psy, taking a bit of each to create this new sound, known by some as Neo Full on. All artists have managed to totally soak their tracks in big, phat grooviness and smooth crystal clear production.


boooDoof has always pushed the borders by releasing sounds that were off the beaten track. Sounds that were interesting, and complex. Sounds that evolved into the dark psychedelic music which is gaining force in our little trance scene all over the world. This time they are taking things over the edge. “BOOO!!” is all about the “flashback factor”. A collection of audio trips, featuring the full spectrum of inner space traveling. Good trips, bad trips, funny trips, these are the ingredients of this weird compilation, which explores new territories in the psychedelic fields of Doofland.

VA - Forest

forestAfter quite a busy summer, the DOOF crew is back with a Forest sound collection. Phat baselines, galloping tracks and mentally distorting music. Highly energetic, acid dripping, nocturnal nightmarish sounds - all of these promises are kept and will inject the psychedelic effect straight into the gray cells. It is a fine collection of dark dancefloor music, from a diverse range of artists, some of them leading in the field and some newer ones. So take a step back and let yourself go to the Doof vision of what forest music should sound like.

ENTROPY - The Second Law of Thermo Dynamics

secondlawOmer & Pitt are not newcomers, but actually a direct continuity of the Kopsses project. Since the first Kopsses album, their music has evolved into a darker, more mysterious phase. Their first released track in this new composition was “Empty Handed”, on the Doof Records compilation “JAM”. This track unleashed compressed energies to create chaos on dance floors around the globe (including Voov and Samothraki). Since then they released two additional tracks on Doof compilations EST 1 & 2, and have received excellent feedback.

VA - EST First Session

est1This compilation starts with the soft Russian sound of G-Light, just to get you in the right mood and slowly builds up with the compressed sound of Vibra grooving in the trip. Then Azax Syndrom is taking the lead and rocks the dance floor with his full-on sound. The party is on! Now only Nexus can do the work tripping the crazy hardcore dancers. Hey! Here is Mechanix coming to get the rhythm controlled again and give you the organic vibe. U-Recken hits with his deep kick & bass to take the party somewhere else, Entropy more known as Kopsess, changed their name but not their style! They percussion you up and the compilation is more to the groovy side again. Here is something for you trippers! Double R.E.L. are coming to flirt around. The Wizards are here, up the belly and down to earth, there you find the Lizards groove.

VA - EST Second Session

est2Doof Records is proud to present its new concept in medical therapy - E.S.T. (Electric Shock Treatment). This wicked treatment from DOOF comes in two sessions, each featuring 9 uncompromising tracks that will twist your mind! This second session is the darker and more twisted of the treatment compilations. It starts more in the full on vibe, building up to a maximum of excitement and slowly grooving into the dark and mysterious shadows of the party.

BLANKA - Infinity

infinityThe first thing that comes to mind when hearing the Blanka sound through a big sound system is energy. Fat, chunky, energy that builds a fresh and distinct sound. The kicks and basslines hit you from all directions and sounds spin through the air like glowing butterflies. These tracks work and thats a proven fact. A fresh storm from the Israeli psychedelic madness is passing by, catch it while you can. This IS THE Sound oF THE Future.

MECHANIX - lIlegal Dance

illegaldanceThis is the first solo album from Eldad Ben-Ezry aka Mechanix. Eldad was born in Jerusalem in 1979, and started DJ-ing trance and techno at the age of 15. He started working professionally 5 years later, creating fresh hybrid beats with Felix (later PPS Project/Timelock). After perfecting his home studio, Eldad started his solo project under the name of Mechanix. The dance floor power of his music was proven with 3 explosive tracks released in the last three Doof compilations. In his new album, Mechanix presents 10 new mind-blowing tracks, unleashing a dark but melodic and fullpower sound. His intense baselines press hard and pick up with a blend of fullpower psychedelic trance and techno touches. Secure your speakers and get ready for take off.

VA - Jam

jamIn this fourth compilation, Doof records goes back to the underground roots from which it has evolved. High energy, dark basslines, swishing acid sounds and a psychedelic journey in every track. This new compilation is concentrated DOOF sound. 8 New tracks creating a showcase of the labels upcoming album releases.

ZIRKIN - Dance Show 2

danceshow1Since his first album released two years ago, Zirkins musical trip is constantly evolving. Known for his psychedelic anti-structure tracks, Zirkin now redefines his music. His exploration after the borders of sound and structure, paved the path for this extraordinary album reflecting his complex personality and talent. This album is a lasting listening experience from beginning to end, revealing more and more of its entangled story, as you hear it again and again. Beat after beat these tracks draw you to the dancefloor, the acid groove is irresistible, the rolling bassline undefeatable.

VA - Swamp

swampSWAMP is Doofs third compilation: featuring the unique sound of Doof records in 9 dancefloor tracks spanning a full psychedelic spectrum from dusk till dawn. Starting with a flat and techi, "Blue atmosphere" tune by BORG the party moves on to the emotional "Sun burns" from the Sweat Shop Boys. As the night grows darker Mechanix hits in with his smashing "For Sale" followed by this promising new bomb called Blanka and their Doofy "2003". Its time for some intelli-full-on by a new space pilot U-Recken giving us the "Tripaganka", racing right after him is Quantum with his "Bug Driver". As the sun whispers from the east, Zion awakens with "Atlantis", and FOL pushes in with some acidic "Fungosia". Finally the Dark Doors open for a final "Fast Message".

BONKY - Bonky 2

bonky2His life was short, but full of music and fire. 9 New tracks from Bonky mirroring his unique personality, fast beats and funky grooves paving the path to acid land. Onno died in Bali, Indonesia on Saturday the 4th of January 2003 in a diving accident. Onno was born in Calgary, Canada on September 5, 1962 and was active in the trance scene for the last 9 years, living and creating in Amsterdam. His first solo album was released on Doof records at the end of 2001 and lit up dance floors around the globe. This is one of the most creative and genius albums since a very long time. He manages to combine hip hop, jazz and even old style country music with trance. This album is a great way to remember him.

JOCID - Jocid

jocidHungry kicks, deep acid-techno basslines, dance floor grooves and the right amount of acid. These are the ingredients of this aggressive album from Jocid. Right from the start you understand why you should have bought a better set of subwoofers. Jocid attacks with a killer bass that makes you dig your way down under. This new release from Doof Records is just the right thing for those freezing winter nights. Dont forget your medicine...

KOPSSES - Kopsses

kopssesIt all began in the year of 1999 when the group first met for a studio session at Shays house. The plan was to make one track and see if the chemistry would take them somewhere. All three dudes were making music in the past with other people or alone, but after working together they decided to rent an apartment in Tel-Aviv and started making music on a nightly basis. Kopsses was born. Kopsess are Shay Srebrenik, Adar Taibi and Omer Yulevich, all born in Israel and really focused on making music. This album contains 9 deep psychedelic tracks. The unique throbbing sound makes their tracks sunrise-killers for the dance floor, and perfect for a trippy after party drive. Hallucinating, uplifting grooves that will take you into a total trance, isnt that what its all about? Get ready to shake and keep underground!

VA - Triund

triundUp in the Indian mountains just between snowy peaks and the green carpets, in a very spiritual place called TRIUND, a special, wild, breathtaking party took place. Triund is not only a place, it is a concept that leads this new compilation, coming on Doof Records. This compilation gathers the kicks and beats that were cooking in the Doof studios during the winter. 8 Mindblowing tracks soaked with lysergic acid from Zirkin, Fungus Of Light, Kopsess, Jocid and Bonky together with two newcomers to the Doof family, Hominus Nocturna from Ibiza and the Israeli pair Zion & Mechanix. Like the journey up hill to Triund this compilation starts with hypnotic grooves and flat beats that build up to a psychedelic frenzy. On the dancefloor, or stoned on the living room couch, this compilation is designed to deliver the Triund experience.

VA - Acid Test

acidtestTake a ride on this trippy compilation and kick in for some real acid sounds from Doof records. 9 Dancefloor crackers carrying you from funky warm-up beats through dark forest nights and orange desert sunrises. Artists featured: Kopsses, a new promising twisted act from Tel Aviv, Zirkin, already known from his first album on USTA, Fungus Of Light, the historic trio from Amsterdam, Bonky, @mir and more. Can you pass the acid test? We would like to wish you a turbulent flight!

ZIRKIN - Dance Show 1

undergroundFrom the holy land comes the first psychedelic-bomb album from Zirkin. It's produced for the real psychedelic night-sets.

BONKY - Bonky

bonky1Bonky is Onno Borgen, 39, living and producing in Amsterdam. Onno has been playing music since he was 20 in a punk-trash band. Eight years ago he discovered psychedelic trance music and he began to release some tracks on labels like Phantasm Rec. and Psychic Deli (UK). His first album was released on Krembo Rec. (IS). Now for his second album, Bonky decided to release on Doof Records, a new Israeli label already involved in the organization of psychedelic trance events for the last six years. In his second project, Bonky presents 9 brand new tracks of pure Amsterdamned full psychedelic trance to enjoy.