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Like the Pesach hagada, our spring tradition is to tell you a story in 4 days. The Doof line up is a tale told by many storytellers, using a rainbow of styles which all combine into a big intricate plot. The story will take you from your daily routine through fantasy, suspense, elevation, possibly tears and up to pure bliss... Just like every year, our Doof resident DJ's will rock your world. Our storytellers are well familiar with their task and you can trust their musical crafts to lift you half a meter above the dance floor. On top of the range of Doof DJ's, we invite a few travelling storytellers from around the world to spice up the known Doof plot with some worldly traditions.



A new one awaits...

Another festival is waiting to be celebrated, will it be like the other ones, or does the Doof crew have something special up their sleaves. Stay tuned and you might happen to find out more.


The relaxed one

This years Doof can be described as a very smooth festival. All people were happy, enjoying, and most of all....: very relaxed.
Positive vibes with everyone! The dancefloor went wild as usual nevertheless.


Wild wild North

Well, every year we think it can't get any crazier than the year before... Doof 2009 proved us very wrong (again). it was simply 4 days of playing on the dance floor as if there's no tomorrow. We even had rain, which made everything more special. Chilled temperatures that let us reserve our energy for 4 whole days. Full dance floor capacity. New and old groups were playing their new  original acts during the sets and a lot was going on. We even had a chef cooking omelettes on the dance floor.:-)


A magical one indeed

We had a great vision to make the festival somewhere else. We tried to dig a lake in the desert. Heavy heat-waves made us chose our good old faithful sea of kineret. There was some confusion about the secret location but with around 3,500 doofers, a bit more than 1/2 of the people of the year before, doof 2008 was a musical delicacy, the sets flew one into the next and the crowd gave its more than best energy. This year we introduced the toys from the Dj booth and it was a big success. Crazy stuff happened on that dance floor and Nachshol was still standing. A magical Doof for sure.


The biggest Doof so far

The festival expanded to its 4 day currant format. this time with 6,000 (!!!!) Doofers, including the regular tribes: the vegetable squeezers, the nazi flag barers, the kibutznikim, the mushroom guys and good old left hand speaker magnets (we call them the itushim). Full power energy, full on non stop working dance floor. What a Doof it was.


The third year - Light my fire

More than 3,000 dancers this time. The vegetable squeezers were present, the regular left hand speaker magnets were present. In the last morning a hey stack caught  fire. No, it was not a part of the show. Within 20 minutes the DJ booth was built somewhere else and the party went on even higher than before the fire.


Growing slowly but surely

Double the people, double the dust, double the energy. Japanese on the dance floor always make it look like an international festival and since then they report yearly. The vegetable squeezers gave their first appearance, as well as some left hand speaker  magnets and some real chickens on the dance floor...


The beginning - A dream come true

1,200 happy people, most of you knew us from the parties and came to be a part of the first Doof festival. It was cozy, it was sunny and everybody was happy. We spent 3 days together and were left with a taste for much more.

Thank you very much, we could not do this without you !