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djbullDoron Hamburger, was born in 79 in Israel. Allready very young he discovered his passion for Music and expressed himself in this way by playing bass guitar and taking part in several bands and Music projects. His first contact with the Psytrance scene in 96 changed his life fundamentally. Infected by a mindblowing set of legendary Dj Tsuyoshi Suzuki, directly after he started to collect Music and became an active part of the Israeli Psytrance scene as Dj & promoter. In 2003 he decided to leave the country to discover what the rest of the (psy) world has to offer. After traveling and playing in many parties in Australia and India he got finally stuck in Germany, where he is based and working as Dj & promoter since 2005. In 2006 BULL joined the Dooflex. Years of experience playing in all kind of events & places (such as:Liquid time, Spirit base, Indian spirit, Doof festival...) and discovering all kinds of styles, enable BULL to catch every dancefloor! His groovy psychedelic sound and his unique feeling and contact to the crowd make his sets allways an energizing journey and a perfect way to lead from night into day.


djdicaDJ Dica was born 1973 in Israel, and is based since 10 years in hamburg, germany. He started his electronic experience at an outdoor acid music beach-party in 1991, and since then he got hooked-on the electronic bug. In 1992, after experiencing a lot of techno and acid parties, he finally discovered the trance scene and its music. After developing the first trance selling music department in Israel 1994, he founded his own chill out label called Bamba Records in 2001. at 2002, being bored from the progressive wave that been spread around more and more, he decided to start djing professionally and bring in some fresh air, by playing something new and completely different. Discovering that his preference in music makes a perfect symbiosis with the sound Doof Records is releasing, he became one of their djs in February 2005 and he released his first compilation called Phunk Core on doof records at summer 2007. His very unique style is still influenced by his techno past, so you won’t find too many melodies in his music, but funny samples maintained by pumping basses combined with freaky acid tunes and a touch of dark.


alonorcaThe new member in the doof family is Orca aka Alon lifer,from the center of israel. alon started his musical jurny in the age of 15 by taking guiter lessons.his favorite ganre was metal in all its forms-heavy,death,black,trash,power etc. as time went on Alon discovered new wave,punk,idm,dnb and electronic oriented bands.that led him to trance eventually.starting to collect trance music and going to parties was another step and after a trip to india and playing in a few parties Alon understood that he wants to make his own music and make people dig to it. after a few years of hard work his vision is now a reality in the form of his debut albom-fist of fury,realesed by doof,bringing his funny aproch along with non compremising sounds to the world.


evergreenPavel Shkolnikov was born in Gomel Belarus in 1978 and in 2000 has moved to North of Israel. Today Pavel lives in Tel-Aviv. By the age of 18 Pavel has preformed with several different bands and blended all kind of music types. All of it changed after moving to Israel and visited his first psychedlic party. Pavel Heard sounds and textures that he never heard before and got really facinated by it really fast and started to visit parties on regular bases. When he got his first computer the first thing he did he installed an electronic music software. He experienced with different electronic 2005 he and Max Terranoise started with Clockstoppers,Pavels first trance project. Soon their musical style has taken a shape, fast safisticatied and psychodelic dance floor smasher And the realeses came pretty fast,first Peak records,then GeoTV,Mass Abduction USA,Freack Out pro,and Doof records. Today Pavel works alone under his psycodelic project named Evergreen and other projects that focused on difrent derections such ambient,chill out and experemental At his studio in Tel aviv Pavel produces his music and working on his debut album.


idropI-Drop aka Dima gafner was born in 1983 in Ukraine and moved to north Israel in 1993. From early years Dima enjoyed music and learned its basics From classics to hard- Rock and played guitar, bass guitar and drums (in "David Rich" school of drums). The production of music began after expose to trance music in several trance parties at the age of 21, Dima decided to try to make his own original sounds. Dima released his debut album Hot Ride in Sky key records. After that Compiled a new VA -Dizzy function in Sky key records, and released tracks in different VAs


nitroGil Dagan was born in 1982, and raised in Hertzelia and Karcur, Israel. He started his musical path by playing African drums, and got into trance music at the age of 18, which was also when he started to attend psychedelic trance parties. He started making his own music after being a partner of Yaniv (U-Recken) in Tel Aviv at 2003, and started Dj-ing in 2002. Gils style is psychedelic, full on, groovy, influenced by drum and bass and can be distinguished by his breaks and his basses. his debut albom RAINFOREST CULTURE was out by DOOFLEX in july 2008.


ureckenYaniv Ben-Ari got into trance music in 1998, when he was 20 years old. He was born in Haifa, Israel, and was playing in rock bands since he was 14. Soon after that he was working as a music producer and sound engineer in recording studios in Israel. Yaniv also worked as a sound engineer at theater plays in New York and Great Brittain. The long exposure to music drove him to start Dj-ing and organizing trance parties. After a while he realised that playing his own music was much more fun, so he started to write music, which was soon appreciated by Doof Records. His musical style has developed from harsh dark banging full on trance, into a more melodical (yet still pumping) form of psytrance, which made Doof records decide to invite him into the rising Dooflex project.


terranoiseMaxim Galinov was born in 1986, and grew up in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine. Maxim arrived in Israel when he was 9 years old and currently lives in Tiberias in the north. He started his musical career by playing on his grannys piano, and was first exposed to trance music around 1997 when Eyal Barkan and Holyman were at the scene. Psytrance conquered him completely and he does not listen to any other types of music ever since. He started producing his own music on Fruity Loops when he was only 14 years old and played as a DJ as well. The name Terranoise was a suggestion of his friend, when Maxim asked him how to describe his music. He defines his musical style as full power and full energy dance floor, night and morning music, and he says that when making it, he tries to imagine himself on the dancefloor. That is what makes his music so pumping and irresistible.


cactusAvi Sakorka was born in 1980, and grew up in Azur, Israel. His musical path started when he was 12 - playing drums. He was first exposed to electro music and trance at the age of 16 – and started Dj-ing at the age of 18. Though after his army service he got more into it and also started writing his own music. His inspiration comes from all types of music – starting with rock and through all electronic genres. He mostly writes hard dark psy with a lot of twisted effects combined with powerful, pumping, mind blowing music.


cclTroy and Paul started working on their project in december 2004, and the music they make sounds very unique and special, described as funky, trippy, acid groove and "has its own style" – for sure it will give us something to wait for. The shared inspiration of both is coming from hearing a lot of different music, going to many parties and live music shows and mostly having fun. Describing their work together sounds like they are both enjoying each others skills and attitude, as well as sushi… The combination of the two experienced DJs and music creators is promising. Looking forward to the album -"Unleash The Beast" - coming out in January 2006, surely promises a harsh pumping winter on the dancefloors.


zebra-nPaul Elfferich, the man behind Zebra-N, is the guy responsible for some of the greatest psychedelic night-time twisters from the last couple of years. The 43 years old Amsterdam based, was born in Gouda, Netherlands (yes, where the cheese comes from). His musical history includes playing bass guitar for about 8 years, followed by African percussion for approximately 10 years. Then a good friend took him to a trance party on Queensday, 2000. He was hooked immediately and started to collect music, play as a DJ and then moved to Portugal for a year where he started to get into producing music. It was not until he came back to Amsterdam though, that everything started to get serious with music production. In 2003 he started to write his own music. The name Zebra-N, which raises some eyebrows, is an anachram of Barnez, which is his internet nickname.


double_relDouble R.E.L. are Ariel Ram and Ariel Sela from israel. Both met in a blind date on the internet some years ago and since than it has been a true love story. The R.E.Ls have been producing cutting edge Psytrance for several years and released numerous tracks on many compilations from various labels. In their first album CEREAL KILLERZ! (DOOF RECORDS 2006) The double have managed to define a new style of psy-trance which is funny as much as it is pumping,Their unique sound and energy has made them one of the most popular acts in the Israeli trance scene. The Doubles unique talent flavors every track with a twist of creativity and their supreme sound made them the flagship of the psycadelic label and very busy performers in many dance floors around the globe. U Name iT (DOOF RECORDS 2008) the couples long awaited and expected 2nd album presents the latest developments in the Double Sounds,techniques and influences.
a creation that will make you bounce around on a new Psychadelic journey! And Remember Good Things Always Comes In Double !!


entropyPitt & Omer, in their mid twenties, are the ones standing behind the project of Entropy. Born in southern Israeli cities, they both share a large musical background. Pitt played the piano for 4 years during his childhood, until he got fed up and discovered electronic music – drum and bass, techno and house – but this of course until trance music swept him away, while Omer has a degree in sound engineering. They both discovered psychedelic trance during the early days of this genre. First they were just ravers, enjoying the music and the vibes, until they met Shay who was a party organizer, and so a successful musical collaboration known as the Kopsses project began between the three of them. After several years, their debut album Kopsses was released in 2002. As we, humans, always change and evolve, so did the members of Kopsses. Shay decided it was time for him to seek his own path, while Omer & Pitt decided to take their music into a darker phase. And so a new project was born – ENTROPY. It took them 2 years of hard work, until their second album "The Second Law of Thermodynamics" saw the light in July of 2004. Up till today, the main reason for them to produce their music is Fun. Being true musicians, selling is not their primary goal. They aim to reach the listeners mysterious minds.


revTroy Leidich was born and raised in the USA and began his musical career as a successful saxophone player. With a student exchange program he found himself in Amsterdam, making electro and dance music with a bunch of crazy Dutch people. Since he was familiar with the psychedelic crowd in Amsterdam he started traveling around Europe looking for trance festivals. Troy started making trance music in 1996 together with BONKY and in 1997 together with Ramamurti. With him they founded the legendary band : F.O.L. (Fungus of Light). Today, he makes his own groovy psychedelic music as REV, and has a sideproject with Zebra-N (ccL).


uvUV's style is always evolving, always staying on the outskirts of the scene. He is an anti-mainstream with particular love to weird, wacky music. UV got acquainted to electronic music through the Spiral Tribe acid-techno soundsystem and the combination of these acid drifting sounds, with his love to old school psychedelia like Hendrix, The Doors and the like, brought him into psytrance. He started organizing underground parties with Zirkin in 1995, playing the records and tapes they collected in their travels. Today UV plays funky, pumping wicked night music, showcasing the more bizarre side of DOOF.


zirkinZirkin started his music career simply by going to techno & trance parties. He was attracted to the music and its vibe and started playing psychedelic underground sets, as he was traveling around the word. In 1998 Zirkin started to produce his own dark and mysterious music, and had tracks released in various labels. Living in Amsterdam for a while, he was part of the party scene there, and it was there where he met with Troy, and BONKY (Onno Borgen, RIP). Those two guys were already making music from the early nineties, and with great fun and friendship the three of them started making psychedelia together. Today, Zirkin is one of the dark lords of trance. Together with UV he runs Doof Records, keeping his underground musical flow.